Fiber Processing

Our fiber mill is currently a private mill only processing our own products. This allows our farm to provide customers with high quality products available in our yarn boutique. Alpaca are sheared annually in the Spring and yield approximately 3 to 6 pounds of primary fleece and several pounds of secondary fleece. Our fleece once sheared is sorted by grade (micron) so that all fiber is used to make the appropriate product. While grading looks at micron (fineness) we also factor in other characteristics to ensure products that will be made or worn next to the skin are soft and do not irritate. Once the fiber is sorted, graded and classed the fiber can be washed gently with Dawn dish soap and air dried for 24 hours. Next the fiber goes through the picker that opens the fibers up and prepares them to be carded. In the carder the fibers begin to align parallel to one another and create a roving or batt depending on use of fiber. If the final product will be yarn the roving is taken through the pin drafter to further align and lengthen the roving. The fiber is now ready to be spun and then plyed into yarn. Finally the yarn is skeined into hanks, washed, dried and then possibly dyed before being placed in the yarn boutique. Several times throughout the year we offer full tours 


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